Constant updating on new material technologies

The plastic printed by METALPLAST is mainly represented by technical technopolymers and polystyrene. The company specializes in the molding of PAI, polyamide-imide, using Torlon for some years now.
The PAI imidization process is carried out internally through a double-controlled thermal chamber. The close collaboration with suppliers allows METALPLAST to be constantly updated on new material technologies and to be able to collaborate with customers also in identifying the optimal materials in the design phase of new articles.
Recently, alongside traditional thermoplastic polymers, METALPLAST has introduced completely natural materials into production, which, being 100% biodegradable, guarantee respect for the environment.
In addition to these products, METALPLAST can use hybrid bioplastics and eco-sustainable and innovative plastic composites that combine the characteristics of plastic and those of already used or waste products.