Production - Metalplast S.r.l. Stampaggio Materie Plastiche



Since 2011, METALPLAST conducts its business in its new 2000-m2 moulding workshop with 3000 m2 external area. It also uses its older 1000-m2 laboratory as a warehouse.

The moulding is carried out with eleven efficient and modern injection-moulding machines with a tonnage between 50 and 380 tonnes. METALPLAST can, therefore, produce very small articles with a maximum weight of approximately 1500 grams.

The PAI imidization process is carried out internally by using a dual-control heat chamber.

Moreover, the production cycle uses a cooling system and a range of equipment. The main equipment includes manipulators, aspirators, dehumidifiers, master batch dosing units, temperature controllers and control units for the warm chamber dies.