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Raw Materials


METALPLAST purchases raw materials from qualified suppliers and all materials have relative conformity certificates for each batch delivered, as well as any other certificates specifically requested by the customer (for example: UL certificates, ROHS certificates, FDA certificates, etc.).

The plastic moulded by METALPLAST mainly includes polystyrenepolypropylene and techno polymers such as polyamidepolycarbonatePPS (polyphenylene sulphide, such as Fortron, Ryton, Tedur, etc.), and PBT (polybutylene terephthalate, such as Pocan, Valox, etc.).

Moreover, for many years, the company is specialised in the moulding of PAI, polyamide-imide, using Torlon. The PAI imidization process is carried out internally by using a dual-control heat chamber.

The close collaboration with suppliers enables METALPLAST to be constantly updated on new material technologies and also to cooperate with customers in identifying the optimal materials during the design phase of new products.

Recently, in addition to traditional technopolymers, METALPLAST has added the production of fully natural materials that, since they are 100% biodegradable, ensure respect for the environment. These products are devoid of chemical and oil additives, but as versatile as a plastic polymer.

In addition to these products, METALPLAST can use hybrid bio plastics as well as innovative and environmentally friendly plastic composites that combine the features of plastic and those of already used or discarded artefacts.